Technology & Digital

Our lawyers at Links & Gains, handle every critical aspect of digital industry, Information Technology, telecommunication and media corporations on wide range of matters; act at all stages of contract negotiation be they public, private or partnerships: transaction structuring, Licenses and Software agreements, and putting in place guarantees suited to the project, executing contracts, refinancing and restructuring existing project financings.

Our integrated experience are recognized by our clients in all fields of law applicable to copyright, protection of licenses, hardware & software distributions, Telecommunication and Media & Broadcast, and the Internet.

We are therefore in a position to act on legal topics of new technologies means, as we can offer an overall legal assistance that combines understanding and a perfect command of all legal issues arising in internet service-line, node agreements and advise on diverse digital business industry.

Relevant practices:

  • Telecommunications and mobile virtual networks.
  • Broadcast and media content regulations.
  • Cyber security laws. Intellectual property rights.
  • Litigation & dispute settlements and arbitration.
  • Consumer protection laws & regulations.