Contracts & Consultancy Services

Under the terms of commitment, We at Links & Gains usually assisting our clients from the early stage of negotiation, drafting MOUs and NDAs, conducting due diligence, and reviewing Tenders & Bids RFQs. We understand our clients’ strategies and goals when it comes to the risk study on all project agreements, including Supply PO terms, Purchase & Sales, EPC, Subcontracting, Consortiums, Partnership, and Master Management Agreements etc.

Ask the expert of your Industry ….

Links & Gains is considering the different nature of each sector of business, and across each industry our associates provide a very dedicated consultancy to our client that secure its position while negotiating the contracts and supporting with all the available resources of legal drafting and legal translation to perform their obligation with full awareness of the Laws & regulations.

Our track records in the contract laws and commercial aspects exceeds our clients’ expectations, particularly when we assist them on the financial closure, guarantees, and other critical terms and conditions including but not limited to the following: Performance obligations, limitations of Liability, Securities, warranty, liquidated damages, dispute resolution, Force Majeure and termination rights.

Relevant Practices:

  • Tender Laws.
  • Civil and commercial Laws.
  • Agencies laws.
  • Franchise Agreements