About the Law Firm

Links & Gains is an independent specialized law firm, based in Cairo, Egypt, that linked to diverse international association with lawyers and advisors across the globe. Our core areas of expertise is commercially oriented with a deep focus on our clients’ needs and achievements when we provide our legal services. We are consistent in the standard of excellence that we bring to our clients.

Our diverse understanding of business and extensive industry experience, has positioned us to offer a wide range of specialized services that would consider the real gains to our clients.

The firm has been launched to be a leading firm, managed by the General Counsel and Appeal Lawyer; Mohamed Mostafa Agamy. - Managing Partner Read more …


What keep us different is that; we fully appreciate our clients' necessities of being driven by time-deadlines and urgency. We in turn strive to deliver top professional services to our client-base. We pride ourselves on cementing long-term relationships with the primary focus on client success.

Our goal is to provide our clients the best legal solutions, the competitive edge, representation available and at a reasonable cost. Thus, we are proud of the high legal conduct and ethical standards that have been established by our firm policy and the tradition of excellence that we work to maintain.

Hire your Counsel

We recently thought about a unique service that provides the “Outsourcing Counsel” This special service as “Outsourcing Basis” for our clients who don’t have legal department or at least in-house lawyer, whereby as lead example, we provide on-going legal counsel to be hired solely for your company account, and to support your routine legal matters and daily practices.

Companies that have their own legal departments may use only “General Counsel Services” as a temporary or permanent extension of their in-house legal team to handle spikes in work or outsource certain legal tasks at a cost-efficient rate.

Terms & conditions applied.


At Links & Gains, we seek to provide top legal services based on the highest code of conduct, values and professional standards and we take our responsibilities to our clients, our people, our suppliers and the communities in which we do business seriously. We are proud of our culture of responsibility which strive to govern how we work, how we interact with clients and the local government, and how we participate in our local community.

We have great anticipation towards improving the legal community and always support new bar registered lawyers with full awareness and understanding the distinct challenges that could create as well as we seek the best future for the society.

This responsibility motivate us to build up a real model of an independent law firm with a multi-cultural spirit and smart tailored advantages to suit all our team with diversity and with zero tolerant discrimination.