Oil & Gas, Energy and Renewables

Oil & Gas industry is the high profile energy projects in Egypt nowadays, along with Renewables sector which is growing up to maximize the benefit of all natural resources. Thus, Links and Gains lawyers offer top class counseling on the full range of potential legal matters and advisory on renewable and nonrenewable energy projects.

Our expertise extends to every Oil & Gas industry including; the “Upstream” onshore and offshore exploration and development projects, then the “Downstream” including transportation and storage, upgrading and refining. Our expertise also extends with deep knowledge to the Liquefied Natural GAS (LNG) and the “Midstream” projects relevant to pipelines development.

We are confident that Hydro, Solar and Wind are considered recently the main energy stream in the globe, where also Egypt nowadays is diversifying its current renewable energy capacity. Our advisory to couple of these running potential projects grant us the proud to be the advisory pioneer firm in this sector and drive us towards being the most Energy dedicated lawyers.

Links & Gains counsels can help you successfully to navigate the complexities of your domestic and/or international transactions in a highly professional manner.

Relevant practices:

  • Concession agreements, oil and gas exploitation operations as governed by the fuel material Law.
  • Environmental laws and relevant regulations (EHS/HSE).
  • The Renewable Energy Laws.
  • The New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, and the Egyptian Arbitration Law (no 27 of 1994).