Intellectual Property Rights

Our clients’ company logos, trademarks, applications “software”, copyrights, patent, industrial model and working prototype etc., forming the great value as well as the real assets; All form part of businesses’ intellectual property that needs much tendering and legal registration. Links & Gains can offer these supportive legal services at the most quality standard and within affordable fees.


Our role at Links & Gains is to assist our clients to protect creative expression of ideas “Copyrights”. However, nowadays computerize copying has become very easy due to which copyright infringement is widespread. We obviously do not prevent copying things that are uploaded on the internet, but it would be remedied the domestic & international laws. Thus, our lawyers provide full assistance for the same.

Our lawyers are experienced in all procedures starting from registration for the copyright till the enforcement of the right and the inhibiting of infringing practices. We also assist our clients in investigating any possible infringement and keep a watch on any possible breach of their intellectual property.


At Links & Gains, we are fully understand trademark being the identity of a business or corporate entity is a valuable asset. Our lawyers provide the guidance and the professional advice for safeguarding clients’ trademark and acquainting them with their rights, privileges and obligations emerging out from the ownership of the trademark.


We believe that value of our clients’ investment is time, hard work, intellect and money which are put in order to contribute a new invention. Our lawyers advise the best ways to get such inventions protected and always take the necessary procedures to secure our clients’ patent and inventions.