Banking, Finance & Securities

Our track records in the Banking & Finance sector are privileging the legal services to our clients to navigate the post-great recession credit markets as well as the global compliance requirements for enacted regulations.

Our Firm is well equipped to handle all commercial and legal work with all the stakeholders in the capital markets, banking transactions, lenders, sponsors, developers and other capital providers, to help them analyze potential risks and develop both short- and long-term plans best suited for their business goals. The great benefit to our clients is our specialized understanding whether the transaction is local, national, or international.

Our counsels advise our clients in financial transactions and agreement’s structures, including acquisitions, financings, loans, triparty, securities, asset based lending, cross-border investments, and Islamic financing throughout the local registered Islamic Banks.

Relevant practices:

  • Project financing operations.
  • Merge & acquisitions (both public and private).
  • Restructuring and insolvency.
  • Real Estate Finance.
  • Financial Services Regulations.
  • Advise on governance, compliance and regulatory capital Investments.