Real Estate & Hospitality

Our dedicated team at Links & Gains act with great expert and knowledge of real estate industry. Our practice in real estate ranks among the leading services portfolios. We represent our clients in litigation to save their assets and properties, including but not limited to: seizing, title, taxes, leases matters, and the enforcement of court ruling.

We cater our clients with respect to legal drafting and negotiations for all agreements in connection with the real estate management and resorts developing, for instance, Mortgage, and pledges, lease agreements, general sale and purchase, private equity finance (sale-and-lease-back transactions) and management agreements for hotels & resorts.

Links & Gains counsels advice on any type of real estate acquisition, such as manufacture lands, Steel Building Properties, Tourism Development Projects and Real Estate Portfolios. Our ongoing advice to our leading clients while representing respectively as Project Developers, Investors and Operators and who are participating in any matter of hospitality.